Grading the arts in LAUSD

Joseph Le Conte Middle

1316 N Bronson Av, Hollywood

Enrollment: 909

Low-income students: 93%

Race/Ethnicity: Latino: 80%, white: 9%, Asian: 3%, black: 4%, other: 4%


11 of 249

secondary schools


What arts classes are offered?








Joseph Le Conte Middle scored 51 out of 80 points on a first-of-its-kind survey of arts education at L.A. Unified. The secondary school offers two of seven standard arts classes tracked by the district and provides extra programs, according to responses by administrators before the 2015-16 academic year. The school's survey response earned a B grade in a Times analysis of the results. Districtwide, 94 schools (12.4%) received the same grade.

How much is taught?

Administrators answered multiple-choice questions about arts instruction, training and equipment provided by the school.

Students and class availability

Instructional time per week: The estimated amount of time spent on arts education per week

Number of arts courses: The number of arts programs offered

Instructional time per week

Number of arts courses

Teachers and facilities

Arts instructors: For elementary schools, this is the number of days per week that a district-employed arts teacher provides instruction. For secondary schools, this is the number of full-time arts teachers on staff.

Training: Arts-specific training opportunites offered to teachers

Equipment and facilities: Quality of equipment and facilities available at each school to support the arts

Arts instructors


Equipment and facilities

Who pays and who else teaches?

Administrators answered yes-or-no questions about sources of funding and instruction for arts education.

Funds for standard classes

Sources of funding for arts resources and supplies (e.g. paintbrushes, instruments) used for instruction during the regular school day

School budget*


Fundraising by school or parent groups






Funds for extra instruction

Sources of funding for arts programs that are not provided as part of the regular school day

School budget


Fundraising by school or parent groups






Teachers of extra classes

Who provides the extra arts instruction at this school

A district teacher not dedicated to teaching the arts


Community arts partner


Parent or community volunteer


Accomplished artist


How did nearby schools score?

Compare the grades earned by L.A. Unified schools in surrounding neighborhoods.

Name Type Address Grade
STEM Academy at Bernstein High Secondary 1309 N Wilton Pl C
Hollywood Primary Center Elementary 1115 Tamarind Ave C
Grant Elementary Elementary 1530 N Wilton Pl C
Vine Street Elementary Elementary 955 N Vine St C
Cheremoya Avenue Elementary Elementary 6017 Franklin Ave B
Kingsley Elementary Elementary 5200 W Virginia Ave C
Ramona Elementary Elementary 1133 N Mariposa Ave C
Van Ness Avenue Elementary Elementary 501 N Van Ness Av C
Selma Avenue Elementary Elementary 6611 Selma Ave B
Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle Secondary 929 N Las Palmas Ave B
Hollywood Senior High Secondary 1521 N Highland Ave B
Harvard Elementary Elementary 330 N Harvard Blv C
Los Feliz Elementary Elementary 1740 N New Hampshire Ave C
Alexandria Avenue Elementary Elementary 4211 Oakwood Ave D
Lexington Avenue Primary Center Elementary 4564 W Lexington Ave C

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Footnote: Low-income percentage tallied using the total number of students receiving free and reduced-price lunch. Some errors in survey responses exist; read more about how these data were assembled.

Sources: Los Angeles Unified School District, California Department of Education, Times analysis

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