Abraham Lincoln Senior High

    3501 North Broadway, Los Angeles, 90031























    Student body

    Student body ethnicity ?
    • Enrollment: 1,550 students
    • Free and reduced-price lunch: 85.8% ?
    • English language learners: 19.4%
    • Diversity rank: 4/10 ?
    Source: 2012-13 state data


    • Total teachers: 69
    • Student-teacher ratio: 22:1 ?
    Source: 2012-13 state data

    Schoolwide Performance

    Academic Performance Index (API) ?
    Unofficial Rank: 5/10 ?
    Source: 2008-2013 state data
    California Standards Tests (STAR) ?
    Students scoring "proficient" or above:






  • Students in advanced math: 39% ?
  • No Child Left Behind (AYP) ?
    Fail: Missed five of 22 federal targets for 2012

    Fail: Missed four of 22 federal targets for 2011

    Fail: Missed 10 of 22 federal targets for 2010

    Fail: Missed 10 of 22 federal targets for 2009

    Fail: Missed six of 22 federal targets for 2008

    Pass: Met federal targets for 2007

    SAT Reasoning Test ?
    Source: 2011-2012 state data reported for 283 participants
    Math: 433   Reading: 415   Writing: 409
    Source: 2010-2011 state data reported for 243 participants
    Math: 457   Reading: 413   Writing: 418
    Source: 2009-2010 state data reported for 229 participants
    Math: 451   Reading: 420   Writing: 409

    Magnet: Lincoln Math/Science/Technology Magnet

        This school         State avg. ?    
    California Standards Test (STAR) ?
    Students scoring proficient or above:
    Source: 2009 data from LAUSD

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      Eight comments about Abraham Lincoln Senior High

      Well let me begin this by saying that it is sad to hear that nothing has changed. Im a graduate of LHS class of 98. I unlike most of my classmates chose to go into the military. After which I embarked into a career in corrections. Administration needs to back their teachers. Time has come to stop pleasing the student. By law these kids have to go to school. So lets start enforcing the law. Since when is it a crime to uphold the law? I will do it if no one wants to or is scared. It is frankly embarrasing the way our youth are left to do what they want. I would do it for free.

      — Alex Ajoleza
      January 30, 2011 at 2:56 a.m.

      I graduated from Lincoln HS back in 07 and i as well am attending college and i also believe that Lincoln did not prepare me what so ever for college. counselors are responsible to give students the proper classes that they need and in my case i had to attened night school, after school, and saturday school just to graduate because my counselor said that i was missing elective credits. Who's falt is that, i don't get to pick and choose my classes they where given to me. Shout out to Mr.Martinez an excelent teacher.

      — Anthony D.
      October 14, 2010 at 12:20 p.m.

      i am a 09 graduate from lincoln high school and although i attend one of the top uc in the system i believe that LHS did not in any way prepared me for anything having to do in college. i feel lost in this vast and diverse school and i blame in a big part the lack of education i obtained at LHS

      — scorned girl 09
      January 4, 2010 at 12:36 a.m.

      I see great potential at Lincoln-there are many fine teachers and administrators and many great students.
      But as a teacher at Lincoln here is a list of the major problems at the school.

      1. No effective program to curb excessive absences, tardies, truancies (certain 9th graders quickly learn that they can show up to some classes and not to others and there will be NO consequences). If you can't get your students to show up and show up on time, you might as well give up on any other reforms.

      2. Teachers are given no means of punishing students who continually break rules and sabotage the education of others (teachers cannot issue detention and the Deans are completely ineffective- many students actually enjoy going to the Dean's). While most (80%) of the students are fine the rest are allowed free reign to do whatever want.

      3. There is no top-down policy on mp3 players, cell phones, etc. While it is against LAUSD policy, Lincoln asks its teachers to determine the policy. The result- some teachers allow them, while others don't- putting the later in the position of looking like "mean" teachers. Why would a school with such abysmal API scores allow such distractions in the hallways and classrooms?

      4. No dress code or none that is enforced. While there may be no direct correlation with dress code and academic results why allow some students to dress like proud gang members and "skanks"?

      5. No unity between the teachers and administrators. At a school that is failing so miserably one would think that the teachers and administrators would be working hand in hand to improve the school. Instead, they bicker and blame one another. Not once this entire year has an administrator come into my classroom to check that things are going well (or that I'm doing my job). Meanwhile, the teachers are furious at the administrators that due to budget cuts they may have to sweep their classroom floors!

      6. No top down effort to improve the culture at the school. Students use mind-boggling profanity in the hallways, smoke pot in the bathrooms everyday, tag everywhere, and utter racial slurs yet no one blinks an eye. Maybe one day soon, I will find it normal too lol!

      7. Teachers appease the students. Not wanting to create conflict they allow all sorts of nonsense (academically and behaviorally) to occur. And who's to blame them when no one in the administration will back them up? I get great results from my students but it takes way too much blood, sweat, and tears than should be necessary.

      Many of these problems are, of course, common in LAUSD and our education system in general, but at Lincoln they seem especially acute. Lincoln is at risk of being taken over by a charter school next year, but what is so strange is that no real efforts are underway to turn the school around.

      Please teachers and administrators- reform or die.

      — Teacher
      December 12, 2009 at 11:15 p.m.

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      — Hungry Guy... pisco!!
      November 17, 2009 at 7:09 p.m.

      I'm sorry to say that your "point" was lost some time between the beginning of your pointless rant and the end of it. While must admit some of your numbered issues do carry some merit, you fail to communicate anything with this wall of text. Next time consider keeping in mind that grammar is important, numbering was only something that Luther and Wilson could pull off, and nobody really like Glenn Beck.

      And don't forget, realistic perspective and accurate numbers are nice in comparison to made up figures.

      — Brian Martinez
      October 4, 2009 at 2:04 p.m.

      . 11th: more bathrooms, 12th: teachers do not care for classes that are regular or honors classes....... 13th: p.e should only be for 1 year not 2 years y because their are too many students in the p.e field promoting students not to do anything if class sizes are large. 14rth: open up more after school classes that are 1 or 2x a week rather than 4x a week and post it up everywhere than ill guarantee you more students will join an afterschool class. 15th: clubs in the school are more for like the asian students not the latino.... that is a problem...... more clubs not just an asian club and csf ..... all of which asian students are in.... not latinos and 16thrd our school should reward students for doing volunteer servise.... big rewards.... like let say every 50 hours = food or credits something like that. 17th: our school has too many ditchers where they might leave after 3rd period but than return in 6th period for p.e ...... too many ways for students to climb the gates out of school..... especially the one up in our p.e field. 18th: nobody learns anything in life skills or health class..... it should no longer be a requirement.... instead have a class where it teaches students to be more responsible and care more for academics...... promote students 1st b4 u can ever teach them b4 they'll ever start learning b4 our school can ever b successful...... thats all. SO THE BIGGEST OUT OF ALL THESE SMALL PROBLEMS ARE: GANGS, LARGE CLASSES, AND MORE ACTIVITIES WEAR ALL STUDENTS FEEL WELCOME, AND CHANGING HS REQUIREMENTS, AND PUT AN END TO STUDENTS WHO DAYDREAM NOTHING BUT PERIOD 6 P.E WHERE THEY ARE IN A SPORT/TEAM, AND HAVE MORE AP CLASSES AND ADULT SCHOOL CLASSES THAT ARE 1X OR 2X A WEEK. and build higher gates or more security....... ditching is very easy in lincoln and kicking out students should happen more often.... considering so many fights occur or gang activities.

      — Johnson Xue
      September 28, 2009 at 8:24 p.m.

      Hi my name is Johnson Xue. I am a junior at LHS, class of 2011. In my opinion what our school needs the most help in are many different small problems that makes one HUGE PROBLEM. The small problems are: too many students are into period 6 p.e in a sport where all they do is just come to school to be in p.e .... a great example of this are the football players... 90% of all the members in the football team all they live for is football, they dont care about period 1-5, only period 6 p.e ... same goes for other students in a sport. 2nd small problem is: in nearly all the regular classes every1 DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... only if they're in an honor class than individuals care a lil but in ap classes they care more... so basically students a large majority of them are in regular classes where its not hard not intense so NO NEED TO STUDY, because the teachers dont force them to study only if they're in honor class (still rarely) and ap classes (study a lot). 3rd problem: the school requires student to take 1 year of art.... WHICH IS MORE LIKE 1 YEAR OF NOTHING... art should not be a requirement if you ask the students they too would agree with me. 4rth requirement for elective is 70 credits!!! thats 14 semesters or 7 classes of electives during a student 4 years in high school... which is awful. 5th problem: too many gangs.... lincoln should kick out immediately gang members that commit gang activity.... which in our school is a high rate... but dont kick them out. at least 1/6 boys in the school are in gangs and 1/75 girls are in gangs. 6th: a lot of the councilors fail to do their job. 7th: classes r too pact up.... i've knoticed if a class is smaller students tend to do their work more where large number of students in a class kids dont do anything but daze off into space. 8th problem: change the hs requirements especially art and electives and also: IN CERTAIN AP CLASSES ITS ONLY FOR A CERTAIN GRADE.... that shouldnt be like if a 9th grader wanted to take ap bio they should... but in reality they can have only ap euro in 9th grade. 9th problem: stop the tardy sweep.... the tardy sweep has done very lil good in our school and it doesnt make students get to class in time faster at all..... erase the tardey sweeps, 10th: kick out gang members and bullies.... their are too many in our school.

      — Johnson Xue
      September 28, 2009 at 8:19 p.m.

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