Ulysses S. Grant Senior High

    13000 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, 91401























    Student body

    Student body ethnicity ?
    • Enrollment: 2,280 students
    • Free and reduced-price lunch: 68.9% ?
    • English language learners: 15.2%
    • Diversity rank: 6/10 ?
    Source: 2012-13 state data


    • Total teachers: 94
    • Student-teacher ratio: 24:1 ?
    Source: 2012-13 state data

    Schoolwide Performance

    Academic Performance Index (API) ?
    Unofficial Rank: 5/10 ?
    Source: 2008-2013 state data
    California Standards Tests (STAR) ?
    Students scoring "proficient" or above:






  • Students in advanced math: 26% ?
  • No Child Left Behind (AYP) ?
    Fail: Missed eight of 22 federal targets for 2012

    Fail: Missed 11 of 22 federal targets for 2011

    Fail: Missed three of 22 federal targets for 2010

    Fail: Missed five of 22 federal targets for 2009

    Fail: Missed three of 22 federal targets for 2008

    Fail: Missed three of 26 federal targets for 2007

    SAT Reasoning Test ?
    Source: 2011-2012 state data reported for 193 participants
    Math: 446   Reading: 425   Writing: 439
    Source: 2010-2011 state data reported for 135 participants
    Math: 464   Reading: 448   Writing: 449
    Source: 2009-2010 state data reported for 120 participants
    Math: 459   Reading: 457   Writing: 458

    Magnet: Grant Communication Technology Magnet

        This school         State avg. ?    
    California Standards Test (STAR) ?
    Students scoring proficient or above:
    Source: 2009 data from LAUSD

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      Four comments about Ulysses S. Grant Senior High

      Bill S the teachers at Grant H. is from the same generation as you high school frinds. Have you desipointed the enginering profession to the same degree as your frinds in the teacher progession has......

      — michael Jenson
      August 13, 2010 at 8:51 p.m.

      I graduated from Grant, Class of 76. I am now an Engineer, and my fellow classmates that I have kept track of have also gone on to a successful career. It is sad to see how badly the students are currently doing. I put my own son into a Charter school for just this reason. Charter schools at least hold teachers accountable for their results. By the way, it already looked physically like a prison to me by the time I started attending there. Maybe the impression of a prison now comes from the future of its students, trapped in low income jobs because their teachers failed them. If the public school system faculty doesn't get the message about accountability soon, instead of concentrating on their supposed "rights", then their faculty will have to wave bye bye to their jobs as Charter schools take over. Wake up!!!

      — Bill Smith
      January 12, 2010 at 3:12 p.m.

      I am the parent of a graduate of the 2001 class.

      Grant was a great school for my daughter and her friends, most of whom went on to 4 yr universities, Ivy League schools, too.

      School is a partnership between the educators, parents, students and community. I do believe, if you are involved, you can succeed. My son will be in the 2014 class!

      — Gizella
      October 22, 2009 at 11:19 p.m.

      As a member of Grant's first graduating class in 1961 I am concerned about the information presented here.

      It would be enlightening to understand the dynamics involved in Grant's change from an "academic" high school in 1961 to one that obviously has some serious academic issues to solve.

      If the statistics are available, a comparison of the number of Grant students from each year that successfully completed tertiary levels of education may demonstrate when the drop in academic standards occurred.

      My high school academic achievement was below average however, as a mature age student I became a veterinarian and now live and practice in Australia.

      A fellow Grant student, Clayton B Quinn, became a PhD research scientist with GE. Another, Valery Bradley, became a company director in Boston and Washington DC. Another, Gary Paul, completed a PhD in Library Science at Stanford. The list of those who achieved would be impressive.

      I drove past the school a year ago and it looks more like a prison than a place of learning.

      What Happened?

      — Alan Fridley
      October 27, 2008 at 2:32 a.m.

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